Contemporary Art Balloon Dog Square Store Decor for Sale CSS-228

animal Balloon Dogs

Balloon Dog once sold a sky-high price of US$58.4 million at Christie’s New York Contemporary Night Market in 2013. If you are a Balloon Dog lover, then please contact us immediately, YouFine must be the best seller you couldn’t miss.
Item No: CSS-228
Material:304 Stainless Steel
Material:316/316L Stainless Steel
Finish: High Polished
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Balloon Dog Description:

This orange Balloon Dog has won the unanimous love of the public once it came out. We often see all kinds of Balloon Dogs in a corner of the park. This is a children’s toy that we often see in our daily lives. Now Balloon Dog has become a work of art that is eagerly bought by the upper class. This dog without facial features looks mysterious and unpredictable, but the overall shape is naive.

animal Balloon Dog

Artist’s Design Process:

In fact, in the 1970s when neo-expressionist art was prevalent, Jeff Koons was a completely unacceptable outlier, and the response of his works in today’s market was not popular. In order to continue his artistic creation, he could only go to Wall Street as a securities broker. It was this experience that made him look at Balloon Dog from the perspective of a business person. Appropriation and comical imitation have also become the core of Jeff Koons’ artistic creation during this period.

Jeff koons Balloon Dog

What Artists Think About him?

Jeff Koons’s artistic temperament and abandoning various traditional concepts have made him considered the most controversial contemporary artist. Of course, he is also one of the most expensive artists in the world. Jeff Koons himself always laughs at himself as “expensive and vulgar” in his works. But it still couldn’t stop top designers from all over the world from being fond of their artworks, and from all walks of life, there is also mixed praise and criticism for their creations.

Balloon Dog Jeff koons

Why do People like his Work?

People are very curious about Jeff Koons’ artwork. This decadent artist lacks imagination, only emphasizes the themes of his works and his habits. He uses an art form to serve money. He integrates secular audiences into classical art, allowing ordinary people to have a dialogue between ancient and modern art masters. Therefore, his work also reveals that the people who are watching are the work itself.

Balloon Dog sculpture

The Views of the Artist Duchamp:

The artist does not need to show off his skills like a craftsman. More importantly, the artist could give meaning to it by “discovering artistic objects”. Jeff Koons has expressed his identification with Duchamp on many occasions. The so-called “appropriation of art” simply means that an artist recreates other people’s works, giving them new meaning and thinking. Then turn this work into your own.

Balloon Dog

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