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The vibrant colors in your art are so beautiful! How are these colors created?


The colors you see in my sculptures are created by the natural chemistry of stainless steel reacting to extreme heat. After the metal is ground, sanded, and polished, I create the beautiful colors you see by carefully directing a flame set to many extreme temperatures.

metal statue
metal statue

I want to purchase a sculpture from you. How can I find out what your art is valued at?


If you are interested in purchasing art from my website, email me and I will send you a price list. My email address is  sales@you-fine.com


I would like to display your sculpture in my garden. Can your art be left outside?  


Yes. My creations are made from stainless steel, so it is safe to display them outdoors.


I want to keep the sculpture I purchase from you in good condition. What do I need to do?  


Since I create all of these sculptures out of stainless steel, they do not need to be sprayed with anything to remain protected from discoloration.


To clean pollen or dust off a piece of my art, spray it with window cleaner and then wipe it with a soft rag.

If edges rust and you want to remove that rust, carefully and gently use a stainless steel wire brush to remove the rust from those edge areas. Be careful not use a wired brush on colored areas – doing this will remove the coloring.


metal art sculpture
metal sculpture

What do I do upon receiving my piece of art?


Before signing for your piece of art, please check all external packaging for damage. If you are happy with the condition, please sign the paperwork as ‘in good condition’. If there is visible damage or you suspect there may be damage then please accept the delivery but sign the paperwork as ‘damaged goods’. Please then contact us to arrange for the piece to be collected for return.


When opening your package, please take care and allow for possible movement in transit. Once open, it’s very important that you retain all internal and external packaging in case the piece needs to be returned to us.


Inquiry For More Information!Send Email To E-mail:sales@you-fine.com.Your email will be secreted totally,pls feel free to leave your email.


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