Large Stainless Steel Artwork Rabbit Sculpture Dreamers Idea Decor CSS-616

Description of Stainless Steel Artworks:

This stainless steel artwork is the shape of a rabbit. And their body is very huge, three or four times taller than our human beings. If you like this stainless artwork sculpture please contact us immediately.
Item No: CSS-616
Insurance: Cover All Risks
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized
Material: 304/316/316L Stainless Steel
Application: Park/Villa/Hotel/Garden/Square/School
Advantage1: Factory Direct
Advantage2: Door to Door Delivery

Description of Stainless Steel Artworks:

We could see that these rabbits are so cute and innocent. When you see this stainless steel artwork, you would love them very much. Our rabbits are forged with high-quality stainless steel materials. Especially for such a huge rabbit, our artist would carve a 1:1 scale clay model. So we could guarantee that the custom stainless steel artwork has a very interesting shape and exquisite appearance.

Description of Stainless Steel Artworks:

The Meaning of Sculpture:

The stainless steel artwork of this rabbit series expresses the theme of dreams. We all know that life is a journey of dreams, and we are all dreamers. Then the artist hopes to express that the traveler who travels in time is still young. Such a simple rabbit shape gives people unlimited reverie. We believe that when this art of mirror steel appears in public places, it would give people unlimited reverie and motivation to pursue their dreams.

The Meaning of Sculpture:The Meaning of Sculpture:

Why Choose YouFine:

First of all, the YouFine team is very professional and responsible. Therefore, when the customer places an order to the end of the installation, we always provide customers with the best quality service. And YouFine has a professional design team that could provide professional 3D drawings. The following are the 3D drawings made by our designer. After the customer looks at the drawing, the design is exactly what the customer likes, so the customer confirms the order for the first time.

Why Choose YouFine:

Secondly, we also attach great importance to after-sales service. When the client receives the sculpture if they have any questions about the installation. YouFine would also provide step-by-step guidance, which is of great help to customers. And YouFine pays great attention to the safety of stainless artworks, especially in public squares.

Why Choose YouFine:


YouFine is a factory with more than 39 years of experience in the art of steel production and export. So the quality of our abstract sculpture is guaranteed, please contact us for more detailed information about this sculpture!


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