Outdoor Garden Metal Dandelion Sculpture for Sale CSS-196

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Dandelion has always been a symbol of freedom in everyone’s hearts, without any restrictions. This metal dandelion sculpture is a hot sale item from the YouFine factory. If you like the shape of this stainless steel sculpture, you could contact us.
Item No: CSS-196
Material:304 Stainless Steel
Material:316/316L Stainless Steel
Finish: High Polished
About Us: 30 Years Factory
Size: Any Larger or Smaller Customized, Door to Door Delivery

Metal Dandelion Sculpture Details:

The metal dandelion sculpture has always been very good in the development of urban stainless steel landscape sculpture. Usually, because of the characteristics of the dandelion shape, there is no way to make a model. Therefore, we could only rely on the artist’s own technology to create similar shapes, and the similarity to be done is not so simple. But YouFine factory could completely restore the dandelion shape you like.

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The Meaning of Dandelion:

Many flowers have their own flower meaning. For example, red roses represent fiery love, and dandelions are the same. We all know that dandelions are always drifting with the wind, and they are always drifting without shelter. Nothing could always stop dandelion’s freedom to fly far away. So the meaning of its flower meaning is unstoppable love.

outdoor metal plant sculpture

Glamorous Luminous Sculpture:

Of course, many stainless steel sculptures not only have high ornamental value during the day, but they could also bloom infinite charm at night.

metal plant sculptureYouFine factory metal dandelion sculpture could also be used as an outdoor light sculpture. In today’s society, people are more and more fond of luminous stainless steel sculptures, especially some lifelike sculptures of plants and flowers.

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Professional Technical:

By looking at the shape of our novel metal dandelion sculpture. It clearly shows the high-end operation techniques of our artists, such as the delicate flower heads of our dandelion, and the pompoms formed by each white crest. Our artists are forged with their unique methods.

outdoor metal plant sculptures

Advantages of YouFine Factory:

YouFine factory has been a large stainless steel manufacturer for 39 years. Our metal dandelion sculpture is sold all over the world. So during long-distance transportation, our packaging is very safe. YouFine factory guarantees that there would be no damage to the sculpture.

More importantly, we have stable freight forwarders in every region, and we could provide customers with a cost-effective transportation solution.

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In summary, you could trust YouFine factory and we would not let you down. There is no doubt that you could contact our staff now to get more preferential programs.


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